How efficient is Your city center parking?

“Children first learn about free parking when they play Monopoly. The chance of landing on free parking is low, about the same as the chance of going to jail.” – wrote Donald Shoup – professor of urban planning at the University of California, Los Angeles – in his 2005 book “The High Cost of Free Parking”

Even though parking fees were introduced in most European city centers, and parking is no longer free, motorists still have to heavily compete for parking slots during peak hours.

In their 2017 study, INRIX examined the economic costs of looking for a parking space in Germany. It concluded that drivers in German cities spend an average of 41 hours per year looking for a parking space. This results in an additional cost of 896 euros per driver per year when you take into account the wasted time, the fuel consumption, and the additional emissions. As a result, searching for a parking space costs Germans more than 40 billion Euros a year.

Imagine – as a Motorist – that You are accurately directed to the place to park your car – in real-time…. that You save money and a work week’s worth of time!

Imagine – as a Manager – that You can make the most of your parking slot – rather an expensive piece of real estate…. that You improve customer flow in the shopping mall… that You can do real-time dynamic parking fees, that can constantly balance supply and demand… and Sichert partnered to develop a parking monitoring solution for Sichert’s Smart City Infrastructure. Wireless, low-power, battery-operated parking sensors can cover significant urban areas and deliver real-time information about parking slot occupancy – a primary step to analyzing the data and making the right decisions.

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