Comprehensive IoT & IT Engineering Services

At IoT Squad, we’re not just about IoT; we’re about empowering your entire ecosystem with state-of-the-art engineering IT services. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of IT solutions, ensuring your projects are not only visionary but also practical and deployable.

In partnership with Tektelic™, we excel in building and operating robust LoRaWAN™ Networks, ensuring wide coverage and reliable, ultra low-power communication for your IoT devices.

As authorized partners and distributors of Thingsboard™, we offer expert services in platform integration and deployments, enabling powerful data visualization and device management at your finger tips.

With proficiency in both Android™ and iOS™ app development, we create seamless Mobile Applications that enhance user interaction and data access on the go for IoT solutions.

We facilitate Private APN Integration with cellular operators, ensuring your mission-critical applications remain connected, regardless of the environment.

Our engineers are skilled in Embedded Systems. With FreeRTOS™ and LoRaWAN™ embedded stacks being just a few of our specialization areas, we deliver optimized performance and reliability for your IoT solutions.

We operate our own datacenter and possess the expertise to design and build the IoT Datacenter Components of your IoT deployments, ensuring robust data management and security.

Enhancing user experience, we design intuitive Dashboards and Widgets, making data analysis and device management both straightforward and sophisticated.

As wireless experts, we also provide reliable WiFi™ Solutions, complementing your IoT solutions on site.

LoRaWAN & Cellular LTE/5G

IoT Data Center

Embedded Engineering

Dashboards & Widgets

IoT & IT Consulting

WiFi Networks

Discover how IoT Squad can elevate your IoT initiatives.