IMS: Streamlining IoT Management

Empower Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 with IMS, a flexible white-label IoT solution from IoT Squad. Designed for seamless integration with enterprise systems or as a standalone solution, IMS brings together intuitive dashboards and real-time notifications to manage sensors and data effortlessly.

Customizable and Versatile: Tailored for diverse needs, IMS supports a variety of data protocols and APIs for seamless integration with both internal and external data sources, making it ideal for a range of vertical applications.

Data-Centric for Precision: Built on a foundation of customizable rules and microservices architecture, IMS ensures your data is accurately analyzed and structured, enabling efficient querying and insightful visualization.

Secure On-Premises Operation: Unique in its capability to operate independently of external clouds, IMS offers enhanced data privacy and secure integration with your systems.

Efficient Installation via Mobile App: The IMS mobile app supports zero-touch provisioning and a fully digital workflow for easy IoT device installation with Android and iOS devices.

In summary, IMS delivers a comprehensive, secure, and efficient solution for IoT infrastructure management, simplifying complex processes and enhancing operational flexibility.

White Label Solution

to be branded and adapted to the use case

Deployment Flexibility 

On-Premises, Cloud & PaaS

Mobile App for IoS and Android

to streamline installation process.

MultiSens: The Core of IoT Sensing

MultiSens, optimized for IMS, redefines the efficiency and flexibility of IoT sensors. This ultra-low power, modular sensor base is designed for seamless integration with a range of IoT applications

Core Features:

Versatile Modularity: Quick transition from prototyping to deployment with adaptable hardware and firmware.

Extreme Durability: Operates reliably across wide temperature ranges, perfect for harsh environments.

Robust Performance: Industrial-grade EMC immunity and global connectivity options (LoRaWAN, LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT) ensure consistent data accuracy.

Smart Sensing: Advanced configurations for AI-assisted operation, complemented by OTA firmware updates for edge analytics.

Efficiency Unleashed: MultiSens stands at the forefront of IoT innovation, offering unmatched power management and adaptability for a diverse range of use cases.

Extended Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C

Industrial Grade EMC Immunity

EN 61000-6-2

Ultra Low Power

years of maintenance-free operation

APIoT: Advanced IoT Data Processing

APIoT is a dynamic API equipped with advanced sensing algorithms, perfect for enhancing MultiSens and a wide array of IoT sensors. Whether integrated within IMS or as an external API, it streamlines data handling across systems.


Broad Integration: Fits seamlessly into IMS and other systems with extensive API libraries.

Advanced Algorithms: Utilizes proven methods for meticulous processing of sensor data.

Continuous Evolution: Improves with AI-driven predictions and comprehensive data insights.

Flexible Plans: Subscription options tailored to diverse needs.

APIoT Advantage: Guarantees reliability, adaptability, and efficiency in making sensor data insightful and actionable.

AI Assisted Predictions

API with LIbraries

Proven Algorithms

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