Do you dare to IoT ?

The world around us is changing. Cities and Industries are transforming to support Renewable Energy Sources. The Circular Economy, again, becomes an important factor in everyday life. This sustainable future move is now vastly supported by modern technologies. Whether it is an Artificial Intelligence or a Human Mind they all need reliable and structured data to perform reasoning for better decisions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the 4th Industrial Revolution that already digitalized and connected over 10 billion devices worldwide. This number is predicted to surpass 30 billion by 2025… These devices produce now 500 zettabytes (10^21) of data annually…

IoT is undoubtedly a rapidly growing area, but
IoT is not about a single set of skills. 
IoT requires hackers, coders, and possibility thinkers to put “bits and pieces” together – to make a solution – from a physical sensor to data visualization in an app. 

IoTsquad is a new way of collaborative work that connects and empowers passionate professionals.   

IoTsquad is a space where curious and creative future makers can find support, fun, and inspiration driven by real industry use cases by real customers. 

So, do you dare to “IoT” with IoTsquad?

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